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Fair Reputations

Where a transaction has given rise to a dispute that may result in damage to a party's reputation, such as where an online transaction on an e-commerce site has resulted in negative feedback adversely affecting a party's online reputation, this patented system allows that party to demonstrate that it has provided the other party with access to a full and fair resolution of the underlying dispute. The initiation of the Fair Reputations system serves to justify a removal or discount of any negative feedback generated by the other party in connection with the transaction, regardless of whether or not the party that generated that negative feedback elects to take advantage of the opportunity to seek and obtain a fair outcome. This system is a simplified variant of our Fair Proposals system, but it also includes additional features, including an option involving final-offer arbitration.

Further information about this system, and access to a fully automated online version of the system (which can also be used by the public to run free tests), may be obtained by clicking here.

Please note that users wishing to engage in an actual use of the Fair Reputations System by causing it to “Issue an Invitation” to another party at the present time will need to obtain our approval in order to do so. If you wish to seek such approval please give us a call or send an email to that effect to info [at] fairoutomes.com.

To find out more about Fair Reputations, or to discuss a potential use of the system, give us a call or send us an e-mail at fairreputations [at] fairoutcomes.com.

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