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Fair Division

In cases in which two parties must divide up multiple items of property or resolve multiple issues that are in dispute, the patented Adjusted Winner system enables them to do so in a fair and efficient manner. It embodies a bidding process that guarantees each party at least 1/2 of what that party considers to be the total value of all of the items or issues in question - and usually allows each party to receive between 2/3 and 3/4 of that value - facilitating a win-win outcome. This outcome uniquely satisfies the properties of efficiency, equitability, and envy-freeness.

Adjusted Winner has been applied to conflicts ranging from divorce to international border disputes; it is based on some of the most important research that has been done in fair division and game theory in recent decades. The system has already been the subject of numerous articles and two books, one academic and the other popular. The popular book, The Win-Win Solution: Guaranteeing Fair Shares to Everybody, has been translated into six languages.

In-depth information about this system, and access to an automated, online procedure that includes illustrative examples and that can be used by the public to run free tests, may be obtained by clicking on the following link:


To find out more about Fair Division, or to discuss a potential use of the system, give us a call or send us an e-mail at fairdivision [at] fairoutcomes.com.

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