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Fair Buy-Sell

Fair Buy-Sell is a patented system that can be used by joint owners of property - such as business partners, joint venturers, shareholders, and married couples - to bring their joint ownership to an end in a fair, efficient, and legally enforceable manner. The system provides each party with an opportunity to enter data into the system under an escrow arrangement, including confidential data specifying a monetary value for the property at which that party would be willing either to sell its share to the other side or buy out the other side's share (similar to the proposal made by the initiating party under a traditional "buy-sell" arrangement). The system compares the values entered by the parties and announces a sale to the party that specified the higher value. However, the sale price is set at the midpoint between the two values.

The use of the system by the involved parties always produces a full and complete resolution, and it always provides each party - whether the buyer or seller - with a resolution that is equal to or more favorable to it than the one that it had proposed. The system can be used pursuant to a prior agreement between the parties, but it is configured so that it can also be initiated unilaterally by one party, allowing that party to either achieve an outcome that equals or exceeds what that party considers to be acceptable or - if the other party declines to use the system - to demonstrate, without having to reveal its own proposed valuation, that the other party had walked away from a fair and reasonable solution.

The Fair Buy-Sell system can also be configured so as to allow for multiple rounds, with feedback in between rounds, and can be used to transfer interests in properties that are not jointly owned. This relatively simple but powerful new system provides an excellent introduction to some of the basic game-theoretic principles that underlie the other systems offered by our company.

Further information about this system, and access to a simple and fully automated online version of the system that can be tested and used by the public free of charge, may be obtained by clicking here.

To find out more about Fair Buy-Sell, or to discuss a potential use of the system, give us a call or send us an e-mail at fairbuysell [at] fairoutcomes.com.

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