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Fair Outcomes, Inc.

Fair Outcomes, Inc. provides parties involved in disputes or difficult negotiations with access to newly developed proprietary systems that allow fair and equitable outcomes to be achieved with remarkable efficiency. Each of these systems is grounded in mathematical theories of fair division and of games.

Our founders and staff include game theorists, computer scientists, and practicing attorneys with extensive experience in designing, administering, utilizing, and providing consulting and online services with respect to such systems.

Further information about our company and our services may be obtained by using the contact information appearing on this page. Additional information about four of our systems, each of which can be accessed and used online (and examined and tested free of charge), can be obtained by clicking on the links appearing below:

Fair Buy-Sell. This system is used by joint owners of property such as business partners, joint venturers, shareholders, and married couples who wish to bring their joint ownership to an end on terms that are mutually acceptable and legally enforceable. This relatively simple but powerful new system provides an excellent introduction to some of the basic game-theoretic principles that underlie all of the systems offered by our company. Learn more.

Fair Division. In cases in which two parties must divide up multiple items of property or resolve multiple issues that are in dispute, this system enables the parties to do so in a fair, efficient, and legally binding manner. It has been applied to conflicts ranging from divorce to international border disputes and is founded upon some of the most important research that has been done in fair division and game theory in recent decades. Learn more.

Fair Proposals. In cases in which one party is seeking money or other concessions from another party, this system allows either party to formulate and commit itself to a reasonable proposal in a manner that deprives the other side of an incentive or excuse for failing to do the same prior to a fixed deadline. Each party's proposal remains confidential unless the system determines that the initiating party's proposal is acceptable to the other side, at which point it becomes the resolution. Learn more.

Fair Reputations. In cases where a transaction has given rise to a dispute that may result in damage to a party's reputation, such as where a purchase or sale on an e-commerce site has resulted in negative "feedback" that may adversely affect a party's "online reputation," this system allows that party to take unilateral steps to restore, preserve and protect its reputation. Learn more.

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