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Fair Proposals

In cases in which one party is seeking money or other concessions from another party, such as in a lawsuit, this patented system allows each party to propose a resolution that it deems fair in a manner that is credible but nonprejudicial. The system can be used by mutual agreement or, by virtue of its asymmetrical structure, can be initiated and used by one party without the other party's consent.

Unlike mediation and traditional sealed-bid systems, the system gives the initiating party a strong incentive to make a reasonable proposal at the outset of the process, and it deprives the other party of an incentive or excuse for failing to do the same prior to a fixed deadline. A party that proposes a reasonable outcome will either obtain that outcome or will, without having caused prejudice to its own bargaining position, be able to establish that the other side had walked away from a reasonable settlement that had been within its grasp.

We currently offer two fully-operational on-line implemenations of the Fair Proposals System (each of which can be accessed, examined, and tested by the public free of charge), as described below:

     (i) Fair Proposals - MCV: This is our "Monetary Claims Version." This version provides a good introduction to the principles that underlie the Fair Proposals system. It can be used to regulate and resolve virtually any sort of a claim for money (including lawsuits for monetary damages), regardless of the size, nature or status of the claim.

     (ii) Fair Proposals - GV: This is the "Generalized Version" of the Fair Proposals system, which has features that allow the system to be used in a greater variety of ways and in an even broader class of bargaining contexts, including bargaining that does not involve or that is not limited to a claim for money.

   To find out more about Fair Proposals, or to discuss a potential use of the system, give us a call or send us an e-mail at fairproposals [at] fairoutcomes.com.

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